The Art Nouveau cafes, the Lello Bookshop with its amazing Neo-Gothic interiors (that inspired Harry Potter), Luiz I Bridge (designed by the engineer and disciple of Gustave Eiffel, Teófilo Seyrig) or the São Bento railway station to see the 20,000 tiles that decorate its walls.

At Porto there’s something for everyone!

We will dazzle you with a rich collection of cultural attractions, and we haven’t started to talk about gastronomy! From Mercado do Bolhão food market to the many port wine lodges, where you will be able to taste some of the most spectacular wines from the Douro Valley.

You will fall in LOVE with this city and it’s charm, WE WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT!  

How can we begin to describe what your eyes will experience, and the memories that you will create in this amazing set. The Douro Valley could as easily be called the enchanted valley, such is the beauty and magic that its landscapes offer.

There are many locations where you can be dazzled by the panoramic scenery in the Douro, however, the Douro Valley will provide you with so much more.

Join in a variety of wine-influenced activities, surrounded by the stunning region landscapes. From viewpoints to river beaches, travelling by car, by train or in a cruise, you won’t be left unmarked. 

An amazing landscape dominated by water. The resemblance to Venice is impossible not to make!

We will take you through a Moliceiro boat trip, this colourful vessels used to collect algae and seaweed in the past, and that will now make your delight. There is no better way to get to know this calm city.

The Art Nouveau bulidings, the “ovos moles” (soft eggs) that are sold in wooden barrels or wrapped in a crusty wafer in different shapes. Let’s not even start to talk about fresh fish grilled or casseroled and eels, characteristic of this region, which are served casseroled or marinate.

Don’t worry! We will take you there, and make sure that at your own rhythm you will enjoy it all. 

Braga has more than 2000 years of a rich history, being known as the “Portuguese Rome” for its concentration of religious architecture In Portugal.

A charming, young and promising city, that combines, memory with youth, creativity with conservatism. In Braga we will take you to discover some of the obligatory landmarks, such as the oldest Cathedral of Portugal, as well as the Sanctuary of Sameiro, Bom Jesus, surrounded by paradisiacal landscapes.

Guimarães, also known as the “birthplace of Portugal”, is a city full of history and it will surely amaze you!

Discover with us all of Guimarães charms. The historic relics, iconic monuments, flower-filled squares and relaxing pavement cafes. 

Renowned worldwide for its famous ‘Port’ wines, this beautiful city also offers quaint cobbled streets, glorious architecture, fabulous museums and enticing shops.

With two interconnected routes and stops close to the main attractions, this tour makes sightseeing easy. You can enjoy the views while listening to informative audio-commentary in 8 languages. Then jump on and off at will to visit monuments, sample the local cuisine or enjoy some ‘retail therapy’.

Hop-off to visit Sé Cathedral, famous for its magnificent artworks and gorgeous blue and white tile decorations (azulejos). Climb the 200 odd steps of the Torre dos Clérigos for eye-popping panoramas. Wine buffs can tour the great wine houses of Croft and Sandeman, while foodies will enjoy the fabulous covered market (Mercado do Bolhão), where stalls groan with farm-fresh produce of every type. Shoppers will want to alight at the massive El Corte Inglés store where branded goods are on sale over 10 different floors.

There’s something for everyone in Porto with this fun, flexible tour!