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Booking at Hotel Moon & Sun Braga is more than just a 'chance encounter'! It is a lifestyle that goes far beyond the passion for travel. The scene is set for you to live the sophisticated contemporary style in contrast to the city's iconic history heritage.

Upon entering the hotel you're absorbed by the evocative design of the paintings by Pedro Guimarães, timeless symbols of art and beauty. Gray, copper and marble create a soft atmosphere of implicit sophistication.

A pervasive art that gives the spaces refinement and comfort.



The Moon & Sun Braga devoted team desire to offer absolute tailor made service and contemporary luxury to its guests. From the moment you book with us, a team of highly- proficient, happy people will be at your constant disposal.

They will draw your scenery of the city with unparalleled knowledge of their subject matter, and never-ending commitment to their task.

From the spontaneous extras they provide in your suite, to tailoring tours to your tastes, our team provide the extra touches that will not only make your day, they will make lasting memories.


Who we are

People are what make the difference at Moon & Sun Braga Hotel, and our Team are knowledgeable, people-loving ambassadors. and cultivate the art of hospitality.

At Moon & Sun Braga there's no "who's next", only "what's best for you?". In our world, every smile is a real one, and every guest the most important one